”I’m impressed by Seedi start-up studio and way of working. This is globally something unique in deep tech.”

This citation means a lot when it comes from Benjamin Joffe, a partner of a global early stage deep tech fund SOSV.

SOSV invests in 150 start-ups a year. Its top start-ups are FormLabs (3d printing), GetAround (car sharing), BitMex (crypto exchange), and Jump bikes / Uber  (e-bikes). SOSV is a fund with $700m AUM investing in prototype-stage pre-seed startups via accelerator programs specialized in hardware (e.g. robotics, IoT, medtech via HAX), biology (cellAg, gene therapies, etc. via IndieBio), and more. They follow on up to series B.

Solution Agency Seedi, on the other hand, is a Finnish company, which has created a globally unique start-up hub by combining three different aspects. First of all, it creates its own start-ups, which often involve deep tech. Verso Food Oy (beanit)Woodly Oy, and Taito United Oy are good examples. Secondly, it focuses on developing the competitive edge and adaptability of larger companies. Thirdly, it helps other start-ups to commercialize their ideas into products and services.

Marko Parkkinen, the CEO of Solution Agency Seedi, is positively overwhelmed by Benjamin’s feedback.

“I can’t express how good it feels to get feedback like this from Benjamin Joffe. A big thank you to all the employees in Solution Agency Seedi for a job systematically and well done.”

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