The starting point for the commercial concept project was that we had a new strategy to move from product supplier to customer value provider and to be known from our sustainability offering. We wanted to build an operating model together with country managers and have everybody committed to our targets. And of course, I wanted to see excellent commercial results.

Why Seedi?

We chose Seedi as a partner based on recommendations from our network. Also, we wanted to get the results sooner than later and Seedi convinced us with their ability to combine planning with testing and execution.

Working and results

During the project, we created a commercial concept and found sales and marketing solutions to reach the targets. Thanks to Seedi’s DPSP-method (Defining own Problems – Solving all the Problems) we have now excellent commitment of our people.

I am happy with Seedi’s systematic approach, new excellent ideas and concrete action plan that was created.


Petteri Laaksomo