In 2021, MagiCAD experienced fast growth and operated two separate business units across several markets in Europe. At this time, it was clear that the situation of the company varied significantly between business units and markets. Going forward, it became apparent that customer and employee data was needed as a basis of our planning.

Overall, Seedi’s Competitiveness Analysis exceeded our high expectations. We received many unique findings and ideas for development that were in turn tailored for both of our business units and for each market that we operate in. Furthermore, these were then formulated into concrete suggestions that could be followed.

In our 2023 follow-up Competitiveness Analysis, we received confirmation that we are going in the right direction. For example, our aggregate Competitive Advantage score, 18 points, was significantly higher than Seedi’s database average. Furthermore, we’ve almost reached the target position we set in 2021 for several markets, while in new markets we have also strengthened our position considerably.

Thankfully, we have been provided with great findings, in 2023 as well, which we have now used as the basis for brand new development projects in each business unit and market. How these pan out in practice remains to be seen until 2025.


Jukka Nyman
MagiCAD Group