Bluefors conducted Seedi’s Competitiveness Analysis during the summer 2022. Bluefors is growing fast in the booming quantum computing market with a global customer base. Finding a way to measure and develop capability to continue on strong growth path was crucial.

Competitiveness Analysis brought us an understanding of our recommendation (NPS), competitive advantage (CAS), and ability to change (CCI). With quantified data, the analysis crystallized the findings and confirmed that our strategic must-win battles are correctly chosen. The analysis also gave us excellent content and customer insight for our development projects.

Seedi has an extraordinary ability to understand where we stand as a company. When this is combined with systematic study, the outcome cannot be anything but brilliant. We’ll continue cooperation with Seedi to develop our competitive advantage. We are also aiming to repeat the study in the future to see the results of our developing actions.


Mikko Nurminen
Sales Director
Bluefors Oy