Bluefors conducted Seedi’s Competitiveness Analysis survey during fall 2023 for the second year running. What was especially interesting is that in-between surveys, Bluefors had acquired Cryomech, a trusted brand in cryocooler design and manufacturing, originating from and operating in the US.

We were happy that Seedi was able to help us to develop our operations right after the acquisition. Seedi’s unique Competitiveness Analysis solution was scalable and could cover both companies without any extra effort from us. With Seedi’s strong expertise, we were able to understand and measure the success of the acquisition, but also compare how Bluefors had developed over one year.

What really sets Seedi apart is their ability to track the effect of any agreed actions in practice. Following this year’s results, we have already planned a follow-up meeting to track the success of our actions.


Mikko Nurminen
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Bluefors Oy