Data Privacy Policy

Seedi is committed to preserving your right to privacy and we take all necessary steps to protect your information both online and offline.

Seedi is the data controller for all personal data that we receive and store for the purposes of the EU GDPR. If you have any questions about this privacy policy or the use of Seedi’s personal data, please contact us by email at

1. Registrar

Ratkaisutoimisto Seedi Oy
Metsänneidonkuja 10, 02130 Espoo, Finland
+358 44 358 5204
seedi [at]

2. Contact person in matters concerning the register

Johanna Parkkinen
Project manager
Metsänneidonkuja 10, 02130 Espoo, Finland
+358 44 358 5204

3. Register name

Seedi Oy’s customer, contact information and marketing register

4. Data processing

Seedi processes the personal data of its customers, potential customers, marketing contacts and other persons interested in Seedi’s products and services. Processing activities are carried out for sales and marketing purposes, invoicing, payments and transactions, analytics, customer relationship management, business development and other similar business purposes. The processing is necessary for conducting legal business based on a legitimate interest.

As an employer, Seedi also processes personal data of employees, consultants, former employees and job seekers. The processing is necessary for recruitment, human resources, employment and administrative purposes in order to efficiently and properly manage the relations between employees and job seekers and to fulfill the employer’s obligations in accordance with the relevant legislation. Processing activities may be based on contractual obligations arising from applicable employment contracts, such as payment of wages and sickness benefits, legal obligations imposed by labor legislation and other relevant legislation, including tax purposes and occupational health care obligations, as well as reporting obligations and administrative purposes.

5. The personal data we process

The personal data processed by Seedi regarding its customers, potential customers and marketing contacts may contain the following information:

  • Contact information (name, home/postal address, email address, phone number
  • Position/title, company name
  • Billing/payment information
  • Personal data for Seedi employees, consultants and former employees may include the following information:
  • Contact information (name, home/postal address, email address, phone number, emergency contact information);
  • Other personal information (date of birth, social security number, citizenship)
  • Job applications, references, resumes
  • Employment contracts and changes
  • Bank account number and salary information
  • Vacation, sickness and absence information
  • Health information related to occupational health care
  • Education information, employment information, work history
  • Photos, videos
  • Letters of recommendation, employment certificates, termination letters.

6. Sources of personal data

Most of the personal data processed by Seedi is collected directly from data subjects, including data entered into forms on the website. Seedi also processes personal data in connection with contractual relationships. Personal data can also be collected indirectly, for example from marketing lists and third parties.

7. Legal basis for processing

We process personal data based on the most appropriate legal basis for the processing, depending on the purpose of the processing. We never process personal data without a valid legal basis.

8. Disclosure of information

We treat your personal information confidentially and only share it when there is a business reason to do so, including to improve our marketing. This includes sharing information within Seedi and with channel partners and other related organizations. We do not sell or share personal information for third party marketing.

9. Recruitment information

We collect and store personal data that you have submitted during the recruitment process. Recruitment includes identifying and evaluating candidates for open positions and possible future positions. Seedi may also process your personal data to ensure compliance with legal requirements.

10. Profiling and automated decision-making

Seedi does not process personal data for profiling or automated decision-making.

11. Unsubscribing from marketing emails

All marketing emails have an opt-out option. If you no longer wish to receive marketing emails from Seedi, you can opt-out of future electronic marketing messages using the CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION link located in the email footer. If you have previously stopped email communication and want to order certain Seedi email subscriptions again, send an email to

12. Data Retention

Seedi stores and stores information about movements for performance and compliance reasons. With the exception of storage, the processing is stopped immediately when there is no longer a legal basis for the processing. Seedi respects the principle of data minimization and all data is limited to what is necessary for the purposes of processing.

13. Security of processing

Seedi has adopted high-level technical and organizational measures to ensure security in both electronic and physical data processing. Information stored in electronic form is protected by strong technical security measures, including appropriate firewalls and encryption. Your personal information is kept confidential and only limited persons with a valid non-disclosure agreement can access your personal information.

Perfect security can never be guaranteed, but Seedi is committed to ensuring and maintaining high security measures. If a data breach occurs at Seedi, it will be reported in accordance with GDPR rules and time limits.

14. Anonymous data collection

In general, you can visit the website without providing us with any personal information about yourself or your organization. However, we collect statistical information about how users behave on our website in order to improve the website, understand visitor demographics and provide more relevant content to our visitors. Third-party service providers may also perform anonymous data collection.

15. Rights of data subjects

Seedi respects the principles of fair and transparent data processing and ensures that all relevant rights are available to data subjects.

You have the following personal data protection rights at your disposal:

  • the right to receive information about the collection and use of your personal data
  • the right to access your personal data and any additional data
  • the right to correct your personal data if it is inaccurate or incomplete
  • the right to delete data if there is no purpose for continuing the processing or if the data has been processed illegally
  • the right to withdraw consent to processing at any time

16. Acquisition or deletion of personal information

If you want to get information about your stored personal data or delete them, you can send us an email to

We fulfill requests for data access and/or deletion within one (1) month from the date of the request. Seedi has the right to refuse any unreasonable, repetitive or excessive requests in accordance with the GDPR.

17. The right to change these terms and conditions

Seedi reserves the right to change, modify or update these terms at any time without notice. These terms were last changed on June 30, 2022.