About the Study


Finnish leadership is at a turning point and the CEO is in the center of this change. However, relatively little is known about the CEOs and this gap is filled by Future CEO -study  –  all-time most extensive and diverse survey about Finnish CEOs. The research is conducted by Viewpoint Finland and is brought by Ratkaisutoimisto Seedi, Ilmarinen and Neon Audit. The results of the past years’ studies can be found here.

Target Group and Goals of the Study

The target group of the research are the CEOs, board members and members of the executive groups of companies of different sizes. The aim is to find out who are the Finnish CEOs, how do they weight their tasks, how are they coping and what is expected from them. The results are also compared with the results from the earlier Future CEO studies. Every other year the study focuses on companies with 2-99 employees and the other years on companies with over 100 employees.


Future CEO of the Year 2018

Future CEO of the Year 2018

Future CEO of the Year 2018, the CEO of the future is Tommi Tervanen from Kotipizza Group Oyj. Tervanen was chosen from a group of 67 CEO’s. He best matched the criteria decided by the Finnish Board and Executive Team members -being an inspirational and capable top notch CEO.

“Tommi has tranformed [Kotipizza] from an outdated brand to a vegan friendly one.” “Social media frontrunner.” “A transformational leader.”

Congratulations Tommi Tervanen!

Future CEO of the Year 2017

Jussi Karjula of Hoivatilat has been awarded as the Future CEO of the Year 2017. The selection was done from a total of 266 CEOs who received votes in the Future CEO 2017 -survey. He best matched the criteria of the target group made up of CEOs as well as Board and Executive Team members.

Congratulations Jussi Karjula!

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We think that Finnish leadership needs inspiring examples that can be related to. Therefore, alongside the project we are presenting the Future CEO of the Year -award to an exceptional leader.

The acknowledgement is given to the CEO, who best fits the vision set up by the board of directors, executive groups and future employees. The selection criteria will be based on the CEO profile constituted in the research.



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