Finland was presented as a model country for start-up companies at the IQS Tech Fest in Barcelona in January.

Finland was presented as a model country for start-up companies at the IQS Tech Fest in Barcelona in January. Finland was chosen as an attractive country because it has succeeded in developing a green and vibrant start-up culture under the shadow of telecommunications giant Nokia. The best-known start-up event is Slush.

Among new Finnish start-ups, Woodly, which is undoubtedly one of the most interesting start-ups in Finland today, was invited to the fair. Woodly is a company that has recently gained widespread international attention for producing bioplastic from softwood-based pulp. For example, Euronews had a piece on the company in November and, in the same month, international Bioplasticsnews listed Woodly as one of the top names for the most interesting bioplastic brands and companies. Woodly is also one of the start-ups founded and owned by Seedi Solutions Agency.

Woodly’s Managing Director Jaakko Kaminen is excited about Woodly’s invitation to IQS Tech Fest.  ”The fair is a valuable opportunity for us to promote Woodly in Southern Europe and to reach out to potential clients and investors,” says Jaakko Kaminen.

Fair organisation IQS Tech Fest cites the Nordic countries as one of the fastest growing start-up areas in the world and states that the Finnish ecosystem supports start-up entrepreneurs. This statement is supported by the Slush event (over 20,000 participants), the positive start-up efforts of Aalto University and the University of Helsinki, and the operations of Maria01, the world’s largest start-up hub. Finland is also home to many established scale-ups, such as Rovio and SuperCell.

The fair has also invited as guest speaker  Seedi Solutions Agency, whose founder Marko Parkkinen has established over 30 companies. Together with Marika Paakkala from Aalto Start-up Center and Alfonso Gutierrez from Espoo Innovation Garden, Parkkinen is participating in a panel discussion about Finland’s miracle and how Finland became a start-up and innovation hub. Alfonso Gutierrez, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Espoo Innovation Garden (Finland’s Silicon Valley, mentions that Seedi, its team and its group of companies, are a perfect example of how Finland has created the Finnish miracle.

If you can’t watch the panel discussion live, see from Marko Parkkinen’s interview video what he thinks are the most important factors in the success of a start-up company, and why has Finland become a major start-up and innovation hub.

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